A Post Within a Post

This week, Chantal Panozzo of Writer Abroad was kind enough to host a piece of mine about scrappy traveling on her blog. Chantal also blogs about Swiss life over at One Big Yodel.

Enjoy! – Writing for Travelers Who’d Rather Stay at Home



  1. Pairodox Farm

    Yes .. I did read this. Are you sure your terminology is correct? Saying that you are an anti-expat makes it sound as though you are ‘against’ the phenomenon of expatriation. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that you are a begrudging expatriate? Begrudging-expat, Grudg-expat, Grudg-pat, Grudgpa … you choose. D PS: By the way, I really do think you’ve settled upon nice niche, the dimensions of which are yet to be explored but, which I venture to guess, are vast indeed. Keep up the good work.

    • scrappytraveler

      You know, I did have that same thought when I was writing the piece…I was going for the use of ‘anti’ as in ‘an opposite or subversive form of’ rather than ‘against,’ but it could easily misconstrued. I am very open to other suggestions. Unfortunately, ‘reluctant traveler’ is already taken believe it or not…that would have been a good one! Begrudging has the right idea but is a bit cumbersome. I’ll think on it 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words, it gives me such a boost!

      • Pairodox Farm

        No … I hope you have not misunderstood … I very much like Scrappytraveler .. I was wondering about the label, anti-expat … you are correct however that ‘anti’ in its opposite sense is AOK … it’s just that the reader has to come around to that realization. D

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