Le Printemps

Spring has come to Switzerland!

It has been a remarkably mild winter here, even for continental Europe – rarely below freezing and very little snowfall in the valleys – but even so, spring is a welcome sight. The biggest change has been the day length…in Switzerland,  dusk starts to set in around 4pm in the dead of winter, and sunrise only comes well into the morning. Now that it is April, it is already staying light after 8pm, and it makes all the difference! The trees and countryside are absolutely mad with birdsong, and the air literally perfumed with flowers. I took a walk today to try and capture some of the beauty of it.


IMG_0292A pretty little woodland path near my village. All pretty little woodland paths are equipped with a dog-walking station (plastic bags and repositories for dog-walking convenience) a fountain, and a sign asking pedestrians to stay on the paths, keep their dogs from misbehaving, and refrain from picking the flowers. This is why the little woodland paths are so lovely!


IMG_0281The path leading out of my village. I do not know what the purple flowers clinging to the side of the wall are, but they smell as good as they look!


IMG_0303Just a little old chateau on the outskirts of the village.


IMG_0302More wall-clinging flowers.


IMG_0299Reptiles are not the first thing that comes to mind when one says “Swiss wildlife,” but these little guys are everywhere. They are very quick and usually only manifest as a rustling in the weeds at the bases of boulders and walls, but this handsome specimen was kind enough to pose for almost a full minute. I think he was hoping that if he stayed still, I’d lose interest and go away.


IMG_0283There are vineyards EVERYWHERE.


IMG_0290Another view of my woodland path.







    • scrappytraveler

      Thank you for the nice comment 🙂 I would love to see what you could do with this landscape in the way of photos. An impatient rambler with an iPhone is not the ideal photographer! And yes, very tidy…I can’t get over it. I drive down the highway and marvel at the total lack of litter…seriously, not a scrap!

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