Wash Me!

I got a chuckle out of this today on my drive home from work, and I wanted to share.

Take a look at the grimy car window pictured below…


Someone has — in typically politically correct Swiss fashion — written “I am dirty!” in both German and English with a finger on this unsuspecting driver’s grimy rear window. With a little help from Google translate, I can help fill in the gaps for the other official Swiss languages:

French: Je suis sale!

Italian: Io sono sporco!

Romansch: Jau hai tschuf!



  1. Pairodox Farm

    Good for a laugh this afternoon … as have been all posts here at The Scrappy Traveler. It appears that two authors contributed … one fluent in German the other in English, don’t you think? D

  2. scrappytraveler

    Thank you! Yes, there certainly could have been two scribes involved…but in fact it is rare to meet a Swiss who is fluent in only one language, which is why I assumed it was a bilingual mischief-maker 🙂

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