I went on a little excursion to the nearby town of Nyon today. Nestled amongst the boulangeries and charcuteries and cafés, was the shop pictured below.


…And what does one buy at an American Market?


Yep, that looks about right. I managed to restrain myself though…Pop-Tarts have never been high on my list of favorite American foods. Smucker’s peanut butter is actually the thing I miss most dearly in Switzerland…or, I would miss it if my unbelievably thoughtful husband didn’t send me a dozen jars in an industrial-size padded shipping case every few months. The things you do for love!



  1. Pairodox Farm

    You didn’t go in? I’m betting there was much photographic fodder inside! This American Market doesn’t paint such a nice picture … does it? Thanks for another in your continuing series … it made me laugh … like all the others. D

    • scrappytraveler

      Thank you for the nice comment! Maybe I’ll go inside next time I am in Nyon to check it out. I did go inside the local McDonalds though…but only to use the bathroom!

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