Hello readers! I skipped a couple of weekends and for that, I apologize. The first post-less weekend was due to being ill, and the second–this past weekend–to travel. I went to visit some friends who live in the city of Fribourg (or Freiburg, if you speak German)  which lies about an hour train ride to the northeast of Lausanne.

I took some fuzzy iPhone pictures to commemorate the event, which I will now share with you, dear readers:







As you can see, it is a city built on a cliff. The newer, modern part–the train station, the clothing shops, the pavement–are all built on top of the cliff. A series of very steep stairs and narrow roads wind down from the top, taking time with them: the further down you go, the older the buildings become. The pavement becomes cobblestone and the shops trail off into barns, and there is even an old monastery with slits for windows. It really was like time traveling, but combined with a nice leisurely walk. Leisurely on the way down, that is…the hike back up the cliff was another story.

I am glad to have traveled a bit outside of Lausanne for once…I’ve been so busy with work and recovering from work on the weekends that I have not done as much exploring as I feel like I should, living in such a picturesque country. I should also seize any opportunity I can to take the Swiss train, which is a lovely experience…especially on Saturday morning when it’s not too crowded, except for skiers in full regalia hitching a ride to their next piste. The trains are punctual, clean and eerily quiet, and the swiftly passing countryside is always conducive to that deep, pondering kind of thought one likes to indulge in every now and then.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these images and reflections until I have time to write down some of the humorous/scrappy incidents of the past few weeks… À bientôt!


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  1. Pairodox Farm

    Thanks for bringing us along to a place few of us will ever have the chance to see in person. Seems like a great place to spend an afternoon with a camera. Too bad you didn’t have a bit of sun! D

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